Combo Meal Deals

$1.79 drink and chips

Roller grill 2 for  $3

$4 combo meal

$5 combo meal

Corn Dog 99 cents

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Did you know Pork Items offered here at Moto Mart Stores are largely sourced by over 25,000 Midwest Pig Farmers? Your purchases support Local Farmers and the Family of Moto Mart Stores. Moto Mart Stands Tall with our Midwest Pig Farmers.

Try and Enjoy these Pork Centric items on your next trip to Moto Mart: Roller Grill Sausage Items-Breakfast Tornados Breakfast Sandwiches: Made with either Ham-Bacon-Sausage- Lunch Sandwiches: Made with a choice of Ham-Bacon-Pepperoni-Salami Egg Rolls Pizza Toppings your favorites: Sausage-Pepperoni.

This message courtesy of the Illinois Pork Producers.

Recipe Ideas and information on the Pork Industry: