At MotoMart,

we pride ourselves on our great customer service and our clean, customer friendly locations. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality merchandise and gasoline, along with a customer-friendly experience that will keep them coming back.

Employment Opportunities at MotoMart


New jobs thanks to growth – MotoMart offers competitive wages and benefits, and is looking for smart, hard-working people like you to join our team. To apply at any MotoMart location, click


Going Green with MotoMart

You don’t have to look too hard to find green alongside our MotoMart blue. We’re updating many aspects of our business to help create a sustainable planet that’s clean and healthy for generations to come.

Here are just a few of our environmentally-friendly practices:


Skylights in our new fuel canopies and new buildings reduce the need for artificial lighting. High-insulating, LEED certified translucent panels provide diffuse light without shadows, glare or hotspots.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) contain no mercury, unlike CFLs (compact fluorescent lights). LEDs also have greater efficiency than CFLs. We’re retrofitting all of our cooler and freezer doors with LEDs, and we’re using them for outside lighting in our new stores.

Almost all our stores contain extremely efficient ceiling fixtures with parabolic lenses, electronic ballasts and T8 lamps. In addition, these fixtures are visually comforting and architecturally pleasing.


Almost all our stores have high-tech fuel tank gauges with independent computers that continuously analyze our tanks for potential leaks. For extra protection, we install fuel containment vessels in many locations that exceed those required by law, enabling us to collect fuel safely without affecting the environment.

White reflective membranes on our new roofs lower our utility use. Low-E thermal pane windows and doors save energy. In many of our restrooms, hand driers eliminate the need for paper towels. Many of our sinks and toilets use minimal water.

Ethanol and Biodiesel

All the gasoline we sell contains 10 percent ethanol, a renewable, cleaner-burning, domestically produced product.

All the diesel fuel we sell in Illinois and Minnesota contains biodiesel (11 percent soy bean oil in Illinois and 5 percent in Minnesota). This fuel mixture performs similarly to low-sulfur diesel in power and torque and offers a marked improvement in lubricity. It’s a great alternative for meeting our country’s environmental and energy security needs.

MotoMart is proud to offer E-85 gasoline at select MotoMart locations. For a list of locations offering E-85 Click here.

Cleaning Chemicals

We use hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners for all in-store surfaces. These cleaning chemicals meet the coveted Green Seal standard, which means they’re environmentally preferable.