Meet the Mo-Bots! The Mo-Bots have arrived from Messier 83, a galaxy where all machines are fueled by soda and frozen carbonated beverages. Because MotoMart charges the same price for soda and frosty, frozen beverages, the Mo-Bots have selected MotoMart to branch out and explore our world. Each Mo-Bot has a built-in, scannable QR code on our cups. Coming soon! Check the code and you may win prizes from our friendly automatons. Stop by MotoMart, pick up a Mo-Bot and help them explore our world!

The QR codes are not active at this time.  QR code activation imminent.  Please check often for updates.



MiniMo is the upgraded MM16 model featuring a 24 ounce containment chamber.  Structural changes in the lumbaric exoskeleton allow for the larger filling capacity.  Like all Mo-Bots, MiniMo is fueled by both fountain and frozen beverages available for the same price at MotoMart.


MightyMo is the largest in the Mo-Bot family.  A state of the art, heavy duty exoskeleton allows MightyMo to have a fueling capacity of 44 ounces.  He can handle the most demanding thirst.  While he is capable of running on both fountain and frozen, fountain is the preferred choice.  Excess frozen fuel has been known to cause "brain freeze" among many humanoid life-forms and dilution of the frozen fuel prior to consumption has also been reported. 


MegaMo is the workhorse in the Mo-Bot world.  Featuring a 32 ounce fueling chamber that accepts both fountain and frozen beverages, MegaMo is the industry standard and is sure to quench the most demanding of human thirsts.  


The smallest in the Mo-Bot family, MicroMo runs on 16 ounces of your favorite fountain or frozen beverage. Both are the same price at MotoMart.  Micro-Mo is the original prototype MM16 model designed to quench light duty thirst.


MythicMo is the latest addition to the Mo-Bot family.  Similar to the MegaMo, MythicMo features a 32 ounce fueling capacity that runs on fountain or frozen beverages.  Released from beta testing just last month, MythicMo features a durable, translucent exoskeleton making it more durable than the industry standard Mega-Mo with slightly less insulative properties.